Kushala: The Alternative Healthcare Platform With Global Vision

Suprokash Goswami, CEO

In this on-the-move world, people would like to waste less time in the waiting room at the doctor's clinic and also need quality medical care for themselves & their family.Telemedicine is filling this large gap between patients and doctors. Not only do patients find it convenient for their health check-ups, but even doctors get more time to review individual cases by being ably supported by external physicians and specialists.

As telemedicine becomes more recognized, its role in healthcare is growing. Kushala, headquartered in Bangalore, helps people in need of professional medical assistance by providing alternative healthcare. Through the help of mobile app, Kushala currently operational across India, helps Patients to consult with doctors, therapists, naturopathy as per their preference over video consultation and order their medicines. Kushala aims to provide alternative healthcare platform to ensure the need of every individual.

“Healthcare industry is categorized in three dots, first dot represents, health care providers, which include doctors, hospitals, clinics, naturopathy or therapist. Followed by second dot which are healthcare centres like diagnosis centres, yoga centres, pharmacy and finally the third dot is the patient. We provide a platform to connect these three dots and make our client’s experience seamless”, says Suprokash Goswami, CEO at Kushala.
Remote Clinical Services
Uses of the technology have taken us beyond the four walls of a hospital as telemedicine continues to move from the peripheries of healthcare into the mainstream. With the help of telemedicine mobile app, Kushala is able to provide platform for alternative healthcare service for every Indian. The company focuses on alternative healthcare problems; it provides AI enabled cloud-based technology to urban citizens enabling them to consult a doctor conveniently without waiting for hours in the clinic. Kushala creates hassle-free medium between patients and doctors in a very cost-effective manner.

"Kushala aims to provide alternative healthcare platform to ensure the need of every individual"

But rural and semi-urban people are less aware of technologies, Kushala introducing a unique new idea of alternative healthcare centres in those areas. Kushala’ s physical centres are equipped with all video consulting equipment, and basic healthcare measuring equipment, so that the representative can guide the patients after getting their vitals and initial history. Kushala is associated with logistic and medicine partners and serves all kinds of facilities to remote patients. The company’s goal is to open alternative healthcare centres in each district in India.

Furthermore, Kushala focuses on chronic and non-communicable diseases. As the pollution index soars high, lifestyle diseases become the immediate and more obvious concern of patients. Kushala has designed a mobile app that requires a patient to upload his historical data and make it available to the doctors, thus allowing the doctor to take necessary steps on the treatment. As each patient has a different problem, Kushala’ s app enables doctors to understand the requirement of patient on the basis of their historical data and helps them to provide the correct treatment.

While providing such beneficial alternative healthcare services in Indian market, Kushala aims to explore the global market. The company’s vision is to offer a platform for consumers & healthcare service providers in a global landscape.