GAZING INTO MY CRYSTAL BALL: Healthcare Industry 2030, Transformation Through Technology And Innovation

Dr. Vishal Rajgarhia, Director, Finecure Pharmaceuticals Limited, Chairman, ASSOCHAM Pharma Council, Director, Ecuador India Cha | Thursday, 10 January 2019, 10:18 IST

Gazing into my crystal ball, I perceive what Healthcare scenario will be like 15 years from now. With an industry that is seeing innovations, inventions and modifications by the day, predicting requires a brave clairvoyant, but I am convinced that the scenario I lay out will be a reality and an actuality in the foreseeable future. In fact, most of these are already making their presence felt, albeit they are in their nascent stages, but sooner rather than later they will become the norm.

Hopefully, there is going to be trailblazing innovation resulting in some phenomenal medical finding that could provide a key to cure Cancer, Alzheimer's and AIDS. There will also be preventive vaccines against diseases like Ebola and other diseases that keep on making their presence felt from time to time. Weeks of painful radiation therapy will be eliminated and doctors will administer a single dose of their new smart medicine, making treatment more comfortable and less painful.

One thing I can safely predict is that the way healthcare is accessed, delivered and remunerated for, will undergo a paradigm change. No more will patient pay abnormal and astronomical charges, treatment will become more affordable and better. The patient will expect and get the required level of excellence, and doctors will have to become more responsive and accountable. Moreover, the patient will be the numero uno.

Healthcare will be more of an education rather than a treatment based on the intake of medicine. There will be e-tutors on your tablets and cell phones, and individuals can be able to access a wide array of information on how to deal with their conditions. Self-monitoring will become the norm. Patients can monitor their own conditions from the comfort of their homes. All they will have to do is punch in a few details about their symptoms or specific numbers from tests they have undergone and upload information to predetermined sites where an e-doctor will counsel and propose a measure on how to manage their diabetes or hypertension or what ever they are suffering from. Moreover, once they log in, e-doctor will continually monitor their condition and keep updating and apprising them on what needs to be done.

Meditation, Yoga, and brain gyms for elderly will become a reality and a proven form of preventive healthcare. Brain gyms will help elderly keep their brains from becoming sluggish and Alzheimer’s will be relegated to history.

Our hospitals will soon become monolithic entities that will slowly phase out of existence. Healthcare will be delivered to where the patient is and he/she will no more have to visit their physician or summon an ambulance to take them to hospital. There will be an influx of new high-tech applications for engaging, co-operating and providing care to patients wherever they are. There is already in existence a telemonitoring automated system that seeks information relevant to patient’s disease and on basis of data collected, dispenses appropriate remedial measures. Retrieving of predetermined information, like say the patient’s diabetic glucose levels five years ago, the app will recover information in seconds because all data will be stowed for future reference.

Another brilliant innovation which I can foresee is wearable electronic health management bands.

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